Why Use DODMERB Consultants

1.  Increased Competition / Reduced opportunities - Service academies are some of the toughest schools in the US to get into. West Point, Annapolis, and the Air Force Academy are consistently among the most selective US colleges (Top 20).  Military budgets are shrinking, resulting in smaller class sizes and fewer ROTC Scholarship opportunities.

2.  Fewer medical waivers – As competition increases, there is less need for the services to grant medical waivers.  While a waiver is always possible, it is better to avoid being disqualified in the first place.

3.  Save time, avoid delays – The medical qualification process takes time, even when everything goes smoothly.  Any medical question/issue that causes DoDMERB to ask for additional information adds weeks and sometimes months to the process.  Waivers take much longer and can be the only thing standing between you and your dream.

4.  Avoid costly mistakes – Applicants frequently disqualify themselves due to a misunderstanding of the medical history form.  Physicians, even military physicians, do not understand the accession medical standards.  It takes an expert, one who has reviewed thousands of cases, to help you accurately tell your story.

5.  Reduce stress – Applying to college, any college, is full of stressful unknowns.  That is especially true of the DoDMERB process.  DODMERB Consultants has the experience to guide you through the medical qualification process.

6.  Tailored services – Our services are tailored to provide you just what you need.  For some, a review of your medical history could be sufficient.  For those with a complicated medical history it might be a comprehensive review of your medical records. For others who have been disqualified, DODMERB Consultants can help prepare a waiver request package.

7.  Confidential – DODMERB Consultants works for you! All personal information about our clients and their families is held in strict confidence. 

8.  Insider’s Knowledge of a complex system – After 6 years at DoDMERB, Dr. Merchant has direct knowledge of the complexities of the medical qualification process. He can help you avoid unnecessary delays and costly, stressful mistakes.

9.  Your unique story, told completely – After reviewing thousands of cases, reading thousands of stories, we know how to best tell your story. 

10.  Passionate advisor – Never did I imagine, as a 17 year old, struggling to enter the military, that I was destined to one-day lead DoDMERB.  My experiences shaped my views of the medical qualification process. It turned me into a passionate believer that every young man or woman wanting to serve their country should be given a chance to do so ( provided they could do so safely). We look forward to helping you make your dreams a reality.