"If you are going through the DoDMERB process, contacting DoDMERB Consulting is a must!  This firm provides a long-overdue service.  As a former NROTC Commanding Officer at one of our Nation’s military colleges, I still receive inquiries from concerned parents, asking who they can turn to for help to advocate for their son or daughter.  I have personally worked with Dr. Merchant on medical review cases.  As DoDMERB’s former Director, he has first-hand knowledge of the system and is a leader and expert in the DoDMERB process.  Dr. Merchant and his firm are passionate advocates for young men and women trying to navigate the complex system.  Honest, trustworthy, and compassionate; this is the firm you want representing you."

Robert A. Beaudoin, Colonel, United States Marine Corps (Ret.)


"From the bottom of my heart, thank you.  I so appreciate your taking the time to review my son’s records.  It is heartwarming to have felt the "human touch".


Dick (Connecticut)


"Thank you for your review of my medical file.  I was thrilled to learn that I had received my medical qualification for the NROTC Scholarship.  This is a dream realized, and a privilege, and you can be sure I will do my best at all times.


Ryan (Massachusetts)


"I wanted to thank you for helping my son get his early nomination to the USAFA.  God bless and keep you always. 


Tom (South Carolina)


"Thank you for taking so much time with us last Sunday.  My wife and I were both impressed with your candor and understanding. 

Thanks again,"

Bill (Pennsylvania)


"I want to thank you for all your help in the process of getting a medical waiver from the Navy and the Air Force.  I look forward to being able to use my ROTC scholarship.  I really appreciate all your time and effort on my behalf.


Jessica (Colorado)


"Dr. Merchant:

 My sincerest thanks for all you did to help my sons get through the DoDMERB process.

With gratitude."


 –Kalev S.

"Having DODMERB Consultants in your corner while you navigate the medical process was such a great help and confidence builder for us.  I have never been in the military myself, so I was unable to give my son the council he needed.  This personalized service was exactly what we were looking for, and ultimately was pivotal in my son's "Qualified" status.  Thank you DODMERB Consultants!
American Airlines Pilot



"I am tremendously grateful for the service DODMERB Consultants provides.  Dr. Merchant patiently provided explanations, reviewed my son’s file thoroughly and suggested a course of action.  Throughout the waiver process he was honest, thoughtful, friendly and I truly believe cared—not just about the waiver but the health of my son.  With Dr. Merchant’s advice my son was granted a waiver and retained his AROTC scholarship."

Leigh (Virginia)

"We knew that with our daughter’s complicated medical history, getting through the DodMERB medical process would be a challenge.  And it was! We feel so fortunate to have found you and truly believe that your help and guidance through this process made the difference.  We are happy to report that she received the necessary medical waivers and is cleared to pursue her dream of becoming an Army officer.  Thank you so much, Glenn."

Cheryl S.




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