Medical Records Review

Review of Medical Records - Most beneficial for applicants who have a complicated medical history or who have received a request from DoDMERB for additional medical information and/or additional laboratory, imaging or medical evaluations.


DODMERB Consultants will:

  1. Review copies of your Report of Medical History, Report of Medical Examination and all correspondence from DoDMERB.
  2. Perform a complete review of your entire medical record.
  3. Provide an in-depth written report identifying potentially disqualifying conditions, followed by a telephone consultation to discuss how to respond to DoDMERB’s Remedial Request.
  4. Provide recommendations regarding the best course of action if DoDMERB requests additional medical evaluations.
  5. Work with your physician(s) to help them draft responses to DoDMERB questions.
  6. Help you draft your response letter to DoDMERB.