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Each year thousands of young men and women are discouraged to learn that DoDMERB has medically disqualified them. Don’t leave your medical qualification to chance. Your 1st priority is to do all you can to avoid a DoDMERB disqualification!

Founded by a former DoDMERB Director, DODMERB Consultants is the only organization able to give accurate insights into the actual processes that occur day in and day out at DoDMERB.  The staff of DODMERB Consultants has reviewed thousands of applicants’ medical records and has the knowledge and experience to guide you through the medical qualification process. Our expertise will improve your odds of receiving that all-important “DoDMERB qualified” letter.     

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This personalized service was exactly what we were looking for, and ultimately was pivotal in my son's "Qualified" status. 
 Thank you 
DODMERB Consultants!



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